Thursday, April 27, 2006

First off

Noam Chomsky has been in my life for only ten months or so, but he has informed me quite a deal of U.S. foreign policy and others. Anybody who constantly reads or listens to him knows that he reiterates his points almost everytime he talks, some of them have been said over the past fifty years. So it might be good to read two or three(several, better) of his books for quick understanding his arguments. (postscript: almost three years later--what I wrote here as "arguments, " almost all of them, turned out to be truths proved by ample evidence. The only thing that I think can be described as an argument is perhaps discussion on two state solution, in my opinion--writing in February, 2009)

However, after a couple of books, I read "Language and Politics,"  a comprehensive collection of his interviews on a broad range of subjects from 1968 up to 2003. But it never satisfied my appetite for his views and it progressed my hunger even more. He ushers us to the door to the truths and also to the door to the deceits but never pushes our backs. We open them with our hands and decide what we do next.

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